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Alpaca is a natural fibre, treasured for its luxurious qualities. The fibre is available in a variety of natural shades from white to fawn, browns and various dark shaded greys including blacks.

The fibre is desirable for its heat retention, softness and durability making it especially suitable for both knitwear and woven garments.
This natural fibre is mainly produced in South America with the highest concentration being in Peru.
Laycock International's stock is mainly of Peruvian origin, although the company can supply various alpaca qualities produced to meet individual requirements.

The fibre's exclusivity increases its attraction to the consumer.

Laycock International can offer advice on blending alpaca with other fibres to create more cost-effective materials with added desirability factor - go to advice for spinners.

Basic types of alpaca

Baby - ranging between 21.5 - 23.5 microns.
Superfine - ranging between 25.5 - 26.8 microns
Fine- ranging from 27.0 - 29.0
Coarse/inferior- ranging between 30.0 -- 34.0 microns
Suri- usually around 27 microns - more lustrous than normal alpaca.

A large percentage of the alpaca clip is processed in the Peruvian home of the alpaca animal and exported part-processed as tops, webs etc., or in some cases as finished yarn, cloth and even garments.
However, for more than 40 years, Laycock International has specialised in buying greasy alpaca for sorting and combing in Bradford.
This allows the company to offer a wide variety of locally-held stock promptly. It also enables orders to be tailored to suit the needs of individual spinners'

We believe our service and knowledge are unrivalled.

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