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Camel Hair





The majority of the world's supply of camel hair comes from Bactrian camels in Mongolia and north western China. Other camelhair is produced in North Africa but is of a much coarser quality.

In keeping with many characteristics of other speciality fibres the fine down hair of this animal has incredible dual thermal properties which makes is especially suitable for bedding and coats. Laycock International imports both raw and semi-processed camel hair. In Bradford the hair is first graded and then scoured /washed.
Carding, de-hairing and topmaking are carried out on site.

The finished de-haired camel film (carded web) is mostly sold to the woollen and bedding industries. The tops are mainly produced for the high-class hosiery trade. Whilst camel hair is usually used in its natural fawn colour, it can be chemically treated to remove the natural pigment to achieve a white/ecru shade.

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Types of Camel hair

Camelhair comes in a variety of fineness from 17.0 microns to the very coarse guard hair (around 50 microns).

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