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Mohair is a luxury natural fibre mainly produced in South Africa, USA with smaller clips coming from Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.

Most mohair is sold in its natural shade of white (ecru) although there are types of coloured mohair available, these being off-white and greys which are generally cheaper. The fibre is valued for its brilliant sheen and ability to display dyed colours with a unique brightness.


Laycock International buys mohair from all the major producing countries in the form of greasy raw material.

At the company's mill a team of expert sorters put the hair through several grading processes before washing and combing into tops ready for spinning.
The company stocks a full range of mohair in combed tops and scoured materials along with various by-products such as noils.

Laycock's sales advisors are also happy to discuss all mohair-related queries and offer a full bespoke service to our clients.


Types of mohair

Kid - between 23.5 -32 microns
Young goat - between 32-34 microns
Adult - between 35-40 microns

Generally the finer types are slightly shorter in length, however longer types for use in weaving yarns can be produced as required - see advice for spinners.

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