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Camel Hair




Laycock International processes and supplies natural fibres also known as noble or rare fibres.
The company specialises in mohair, alpaca, camelhair, cashmere, silk and angora, which are offered in various forms.

Products can be tailored to suit the precise requirements of individual spinners but are mainly semi-processed in scoured, carded web and top form for both woollen and worsted spinners.

Prompt stocks are always available for immediate despatch to anywhere in the world.

These fibres are utilised in a variety of weaving and knitting yarns such as linear, boucle, loop, chenille, brushed etc., and can be spun from coarse to superfine counts due to the wide micron range of these versatile fibres.

Clients from a wide range of disciplines use our fibres to make various products including: carpets; apparel, knitwear; furnishings; blankets; duvet fillings; and wall coverings.
We can also supply fibres for industrial use such as insulation materials and technical fabrics such as filtration.

Our advisors are always happy to discuss new ways of utilising natural fibres and working closely with clients to explore the most efficient and cost-effective use of our products.

Spinners who have not considered working with speciality fibres may well be surprised at how viable these, previously cost-inhibiting fibres can be. Natural fibres can greatly enhance a wide variety of products while keeping costs competitive.

Producing a fabric with only a small amount of a luxury fibre such as mohair or alpaca can also increase its desirability in the marketplace.

Laycock International has the knowledge and expertise to show how this can be achieved and is constantly experimenting with new techniques to get the best results for its clients.

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